i l l u s i o n


Four years later


we see our darkness in the distance
while I'm wrapped in the wind, let me forget

with this unbearable world of sorrow
I'm walking on this road to nowhere


over the first gray of dawn
I close my eyes to the red light
that used to shine on me, my life
it's neither a prayer nor a scream
but with all my heart
I just wish I could make time stand still at this moment


we see the silent lightning in the distance
but the thunder is gone now

the birds have escaped from the storm
And now they're flying up in the wind


someday my dream, flowers, your voice
and all the things filled my life may be lost
but if I still want to take them back
someday I may be alone in the deep darkness
but if I still remember the light of hope
I want you to say to me, "Let's go back."
then I will


to the dawn lost on that day
someday I will


Lost Weekend / Mar. 11, 2011, at 2:46 pm,

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by rejewel | 2015-03-11 00:00 | Lost Weekend

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